Hi Steven,

It is my pleasure to provide you with the following testimonial regarding the services you have provided me and or my clients.

Steven Squires has undertaken plenty of work for my clients and for me personally and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody looking for a reliable and trustworthy decorator.

Steven has been key in a number of new Tenancies that would not have been possible without his ability to decorate a property thoroughly, professionally and within a specific time frame. I represent Landlords who expect the highest rent for their properties but do not always take the same time and care to prepare them. This has happened to me many times so having the ability to address, for example, the decorative state of a property quickly is essential.

The first time I instructed Steven was regarding a 2 bedroom flat that was lovely but with all the colours of the sun included, the interested Tenant mentioned that they loved the flat but could not handle the bright colours and so where put off and decided not to offer. I arranged to show them more properties but with nothing that was of interest to them at the time, they mentioned that they would be away for a period of 1 week and would come back to me upon their return. I pushed the Landlord who instructed me to get the flat painted in a more neutral colour.

Steven gave me the confidence that he would be able to perform the job within 4 days….and he did! When the prospective Tenants returned I re showed them the same flat now in a neutral colour and they immediately offered the asking price! The Tenants lived in the flat for 3 years and the flat looked as good on the day they left as when they arrived, partly down to them looking after the property but also down to Steven and the quality of the job.

Since the above I have used Steven regularly as he has now undertaken many decorating jobs for my clients and has also re decorated 2 of my houses for me personally. His attention to detail is clear and he will offer you advise if he feels there is a better or cheaper solution then may have been suggested by the client.

I can also vouch for his character as I genuinely believe you cannot find a more honest and trustworthy individual which I feel is also a key point when asking a contractor into your home for any period of time that may not be chaperoned.


James Pearce

Lettings Manager